A Family Tradition



USA Beef is a proud family owned and operated business. We are a BRCGS Certified Facility located in Roswell, NM and giving local ranchers and land stewards a place to humanely process their products. We take great pride in food safety, nutrition, taste and the proper handling of all animals.

We know when it comes to meat, the entire process is important, including how the animals are raised and taken care of when at our facility. We go the extra mile because quality and care are what we stand for at USA BEEF. Our holistic ranch management practices are whole farm planning systems that help farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reap sustainable environmental, economic, and social benefits.

While providing our product with great nutritional values, a healthy land then leads to nutritious meat, and healthier lifestyle. We are confident USA BEEF can provide the best service possible to our suppliers and our customers.

USA BEEF looks forward to working with you!

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