Keep a Well-Stocked Meat Case

Build a Better Beef Case

Overwrap and Lidded Case Ready Ground Beef from USA BEEF PACKING® delivers the quality and convenience your customers demand. Maintain a well-stocked meat case with profitable ground beef items, while easing the burden of regulatory compliance and food safety concerns.

  • Available in overwrap or lidded packaging formats

  • Available in low-oxygen format: 12-15-day shelf life in mother bag, plus 3-4 days in the meat case

  • Multiple lean points and primal grinds

Drive Sales with Convenient, Case Ready Patties

When you carry USA BEEF PACKING’s Case Ready Patties, you cut down on stock time and labor costs. And with USA BEEF PACKING’s quality guarantee, you get the peace of mind that your case is stocked with the quality, shelf-stable patties your shoppers are looking for.

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