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Your Reliable Partner For Primal Grinds

USA BEEF PACKING® has earned its reputation as the leader in primal grinds by delivering a trusted, comprehensive offering, including our round, chuck and sirloin ground beef. Outstanding taste and texture is the reason retailers rely on USA BEEF PACKING for their primal grind needs.

Our Primal Grinds Family

From our high service standards to our expansive product offering, USA BEEF PACKING is your dependable partner for primal ground beef. Drive shopper loyalty by offering your customers a superior eating experience.

Ground Beef Chuck

USA BEEF PACKING’s ground beef chuck is appealing, flavorful and preferred by retailers and shoppers.

Ground Beef Round

Our ground beef round is perfect for customers looking for an outstanding eating experience.

Ground Beef Sirloin

USA BEEF PACKING’s high-quality ground beef sirloin offers a rich flavor and bold taste.

An Exceptional Eating Experience

With a superior flavor and outstanding texture, USA BEEF PACKING’s primal grinds deliver an unmatched plate performance. Satisfy your shoppers who demand a next-level eating experience with our delicious ground beef chuck, round or sirloin.

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